Coral Springs Improvement Distrtict $99 Toilet Rebate Program starting 10/1/2014


Step 1: Read and Agree to the Program Terms and Conditions (PDF | RTF)

Step 2: Complete and Submit Your Application (PDF | RTF)..Only fill in the top portion until you are approved to purchase the toilet. Then fill out the remaining items and submit with documentation.

Step 3: Wait for your Application to be Pre-Approved
Do not purchase your toilet until you have received written notification that your application has been approved. Toilets purchased before your application gets approved will not be eligible for a rebate. Please note that we may verify the purchase date of your toilet when we review your receipt. Applications are usually approved in 5 working days.

Step 4: Receive Your Application Approval then Purchase and install the toilet
Once you receive written approval, you are then authorized to purchase your Water Sense®-approved High Efficiency Toilet(s) (HET).

Step 5: Submit Your Receipts and Documentation (don’t forget to save copies for your own files)
Once you have installed your toilet, you are ready to submit your materials and receive your credit. For each toilet, you must submit a legible Copy of your:
Finished – approved application,
Receipt of purchase,
UPC or bar code from packaging,
Water Sense® label from packaging,
Notorized affidavit (PDF | RTF),
and a photo of installed toilet at your residence.
Please attach all items to the approved application and don’t forget to fill out the remaining items on the application before you send it to the District for final processing.

Step 6: Receive a $99 credit on your next utility bill.